Welcome to the TLR Thanet Friends Page

TLR first went on air in January 1998 broadcasting to Thanet, Sandwich and Deal. Broadcasting 24 hours a day from studio,s near Margates sea front. The station was one of 5 small scale licenses to be handed out in Kent. The station Broadcast on 107.2 FM with a power of 100 watts. The format was Big hits of the day mixed in with the best music from the past 35 years. In March 2003 TLR was re branded kmfm Thanet.


TLR crew 1998
The TLR Crew 2003
TX Mast Broadstairs Kent
Below you'll find a selection of pictures of the people who worked at the station over the time it was on air. Sorry I just did not have photos of everybody, but will keep adding to the page one more become available.
Studios early build
Another shot of the studio build 1997
Racks taking shape
Let's meet some of the crew who made TLR work for Thanet, Sandwich, and Deal
Mike Stevens on Air
Jon Rogers and one of the sale's girls Amanda
On Mid Mornings Was 'ooohhhh' Mike Stevens
Afternoon Drive was Jon Rogers, here with one of the sales team..Amanda
Cheryle on News
Caroline or Slater as we called her, she was our receptionist
Ian st John or The Saint on Air
Slater and Me at The first Xmas party in 1998 Bob Mower at the same Party
MD Phil Lines and Jon Rogers having fun
Some of TLR's early staff in the studio 1998 News man Pete Liggins taking his Cut!
Pete Willson
Some of TLR's Early staff from 1998 in the main studio
Breakfast DJ Pete Willson cooking up a delight
TLR's Studio's were in The High St in Margate, with the TX sited about 5 miles away just outside Broadstairs.The station also had a mobile OB studio on 'The Big Blue Bus' many show's did come from this bus via a Radio link to both Margate and the Tx site at Pyson Road, Broadstairs
The Big Blue Bus
Mast at the TX site
The big blue bus
The Big Blue Bus, the side lowered to make a rather nice stage to work from
Pete Willson and myself doing a live OB from the Bus
At TLR we did have loads of fun while out with the bus and back in the studio as well. On one of Jon Rogers Birthday he did get a little surprise while on air.
Jon's Birthday treat
More Treats
Fun in the studio, and you thought we just played songs!
Jon Rogers was not the only one to have fun while on Air, Paul Mccartney our first MD went for a swim in the harbor at Margate and then the two of us while doing an OB in Deal went for another swim, any excuse to get our clothes off
Thing from the deep
Amanda has the mic, Paul and me just got out of the sea
Things some people do for a bet
OB from Deal beach. Amanda has the Mic.
Some more of the Crew out enjoying themselves and in the studio in Margate
Caroline on the front desk
Girls by the bus in Margate
Local carnival girls
The Team 1999
Mike Stevens sitting, and Johnny Lewis Standing
Barbra, Wendy, and Caroline looking  after the office
First day
Johnny Talking with one of the Red Arrow pilots at Broadstairs in 2001
Having a chat with one of the Red Arrow pilots
Lovely girls in the office
TLR HQ  Margate
The pictures below will say it all
Getting ready for Christmas
Ian and his unmissebale shirt
Thats what i like a girl on both sides
Nice lot of stuff on the table
More fun on the table, thats out MD toasting us all, good old Phil
Big Smiles please
Bob Mower having a Blow Howard Evens

Jill and Caroline, nice smiles. on the left is Howard Evens who helped a lot with the stations outside events

Bob Mower(Matthews on Caroline)who was on CTFM in Canterbury at the time
More of the girls having fun
just time for one last drink before bed!
Dip in the North Sea.
Hope you've enjoyed having a look at this page, I will be adding and changing the photos here from time to time so do pop back.
Going for a sponsored dip in the North Sea in Feb 1998. Yes it was cold!
TLR Ladies golf Day
On Thursday 17th January a whole load of staff both current and past celebrated 10 years of Local Radio in Thanet at the Fayreness Hotel in Kingsgate. What was then TLR and now kmfm Thanet has been serving the area with news, information, music and Fun since 1997.
Johnny Lewis, Phil Lines our old boss, Bob Mower and Paul Pearson all still working at kmfm Paul Pearson, Howard Evens, Johnny Lewis and Bob Mower
Bob Mower with the hands!
Lucy Pete Wilson, Morning Lad
The lovely girls of TLR