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As well as doing the tour of the local pubs around East Kent, and doing a spot of radio as well, I do like to try and keep fit by doing some running. Most week days I run for around 5k, and from time to time do take part in the odd charity run, like the Thanet 5 and 10k runs. This (2005) year the run took place on Bank Holiday Sunday 29th May...Around 680 of us raised about £10,000 for the local hospice. This was my 3rd year taking part and I managed my fastest time ever of 22 mins and 10 secs.
At the start of the run
Some of my co runners
Glad it's all over

On Sunday September 10th 2006 about 500 of us set off on a 5K fun run raising money for the local Hospice in East Kent.

Runners age's ranged from 2 to 80 ish, it was a really fun day and so far we've raised over £20,000 since the run started 4 years ago. Well done to all . Here are just a few pictures from the run

Well done
Start of the 2006 run
Runners of all age's took part and some in fany dress
Johnny Running to the Pub?
Hang on the finnish is behind you!
Know where the finnish is now

In 1988 Roger Day invited me to join Kents local station Invicta Radio. The station started broadcasting in 1984. I joined to do the noon till 3pm show, but soon ended up on the PM drive. I stayed with Invicta till early 1998 and had some great times and meet some wonderful people as well.

Terry Pervis , Sara Ollit, and Kirstyn Long from Invicta Radio
Ceaser, Roger Day and me on the Invicta Boom Box 1988
Neil Taylor and I having a coffee!
Above left is one of the guys who I first bumped into on the Mi Amigo in 1978, Terry Purvis, who we called Rusty, was the skipper of one of the boats that came out to the Caroline ship in the late 70's. Terry and I worked together again in the 80's on Invicta. Terry did the mid-morning show and was a fav with Kent's housewives. On Terry's left is Sara Ollit, who also did shows on the station, and on his right is our travel reporter Kristyn Long. Photo in the middle was taken mid 1988, Caesar is on the left, Roger Day in the middle and I'm on the right, Caesar you might well have seen on some late night TV channels. Pictured right is Neil Taylor and myself, at the time of this picture Neil and myself were running the Programming on Invicta FM.
Angy and I about to go up up and away
Julie - live in reception at Invicta
Aurelie and I by my car
On the air, in the air
Aurelie and Geoff fighting over the cash
On the air first day of Euro Disnei in Paris 1992
Some more friends from Invicta Radio. Two photo's on the left, just about to do my breakfast show live from a hot air balloon with Angy who did not like heights! Then it was up, up and away. Top middle is Julie Maddox who did our travel from the plane we had flying around Kent, Julie is seen here with Geoff Fitch, both on air in 1988 raising money on one of the stations charity auction days. Under that photo is Geoff and Aurelie deciding who's buying a round. On the right is Aurelie Claudel and myself standing next to the sponsored car I had, you couldn't miss it! Aurelie and I did programs for Invicta's French station in Boulogne. The photo under that is Aurelie and myself broadcasting live from the opening of Euro Disney in Paris, in April 1992
Hows the show? Rubbish
One of many obs at TLR Thanet (Kent)
Paul Pearson and I on a hot summers day

Some friends and pictures from Thanet's TLR and kmfm. Top left doing my bit for the Greens, middle is one of the many TLR outside broadcasts well here the gang are just setting up, and top right hot summers day out with Paul Pearson at another OB.

Paul is one of the Sandwich crew who go on tour around East Kents Pubs, more on the Beer pages.

Below left in the TLR studio's in Margate with Janet and Howard Evens from the Broadstairs Chamber of Commerce picking a winner from hundreds of letters to a competition. Middle photo, at TLR we also held around 4 party nights for the listeners each year that me and Mike Stevens, the stations mid-morning presenter used to do. Bottom right one of the best loved games at the party nights was The Banana Game. 2 people had to dance with a banana in there mouths, last couple to break the banana were the winners. Make of the photo what you will!

Janet, Howard, and myself with a few comp entries
TLR Party Night in Broadstairs
Party night banana game

Let's go back to sea for a bit. Bottom right is a photo taken in 1984 in the English studio on the Caroline ship Ross Revenge, with me is Bob Le Roi. Bob was one of the many people who used to come out to visit us, and bring one or two goodies with him. Bob has a very good Radio web site well worth a visit (click on his name). Then we have a picture taken on the bridge of one of the Olau ferries that ran out of Sheerness in Kent.

Bob Le Roi, and me in the Caroline studio on the Ross 1984
on another ship, this time the bridge of one of the Olau boats
Olau Ship off the Kent coast
Paul Deacon and Rowie
New car for Xmas
Neil Francis and me
More photo's from my days at Invicta in Kent. Top left is Paul Deacon, bit of a nutter, so I got on well with him, nice chap as well. Middle is Neil Francis, Neil and I first meet in 1985 when he came out to do a stint on Caroline. Then we both worked together in Kent at Invicta, and top left is me receiving a new car from one of the stations sponsors, only down side of it the car had your name all over it, so you had to drive well!
Broadstairs OB
On the left is one of the outside broadcasts I did when at Invicta Supergold in Kent. Broadcasting from Broadstairs water gala day, here I'm talking to the chairman Howard Evens. Howard also organized fun party nights in the town that I also got involved in. On the right, also taken at Broadstairs water gala is the Ramsgate lifeboat. Had many a nice day out with Ron, Ian and the crew from the RNLI.
Ramsgate Lifeboat
Ramsgate lifeboat alongside Broadstairs Harbour
Below is former kmfm DJ Richard Adams,
Smile Dicky!
Dicky happy
Friends ontour, Friday 6th May 2009 it was a tour with a deference, this one was on board a boat. It Was kmfm and SeaFrance's "Dance to France". We danced on the boat to France and do much the same on the way back. The trip is a non-lander and lasts around 4 hours. Loads of fun was had by all....Next one is on Friday July 15th. Info and tickets from SeaFrance
Enjoying a drink with the girls
kmfm's sales having fun
Katy and me on the dance to France
Dancing the night away on the boat
Johnny L,  Dave Barker and Richard Adams
kmfm's PA Mandy and her Boyfriend on the Dance to France
Now for some pictures of TLR. TLR started broadcasting to Thanet (Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, and the Birchington area), Sandwich and Deal in January 1998. Studios were on the 3rd floor of what was once a hotel. The station was started by locals Ken Wills, Pete Willson and the late Alan Mckey.
TLR Towers in Margate. Kent
TLR's Amanda, Pete Willson and me, Johnny Lewis
TLR M.D Paul Mccartney going for a swim on a hot summers day. Me on air giving him a push!
Thanks to Paul Nettlingham from Ramsgate for the pictures of TLR
On Saturday July 23rd it was the annual RNLI fund raising Raft Race at Sunny Sands in Folkestone 19 rafts of all shapes and sizes took part including a team from kmfm. We were the pirates, Mandy, Richard Adams, Spencer Cork and myself. We got off the beach, but did not finish the course but we did have a lot of fun, and thanks to all the teams a lot of cash was raised for the RNLI...Next year we will be back with a better and more stable raft.
Just having a look to see why it sank
Talking over out tack tics
Testing the water
The team with the raft after the race
Team photo
We got the raft wet, at least
sea was nice and warm
still after all the years i worked at sea still like a dip in it!
Wheres the raft?
Found the raft
And here is the raft being rescued from a watery grave
Wonder if we can use this next year?
On Friday September 2nd it was another one of our kmfm, SeaFrance dance to France Evenings, and what a great night was had by all. The ferry was full as was the dance floor. From kmfm Richard Adams came along as did Kristin Reed who does mid mornings on our Medway station, and I also went along to make up the numbers!..Here's a selection of pictures taken on the evening...For information about our Dance to France log onto the SeaFrance web site.
Dancing the night away
More Dancing
Dicky Adams and Johnny Lewis
The Girl's and the boys showing us how to Dance
Richard Adams and Johnny Lewis toasting the dancers
What are we talking about ?
Still talking about something but what is it ?
Don't even ask what's going on here!
What a fun night was had by all!!
Load of Girls in fancy dress from Broadstairs, Kent on the Dance to France
Claire, Johnny, Kirstyn, and Richard
Johnny and Kirstyn
Best not put a caption here!
Found me drinks
Kirstyn Can also be heard on kmfm on Sundays from 7pm
kmfm's Dance to France happens each month normally on the first Friday
Dicky and Johnny keeping warm
What a state!!

That's it for now hope to see you on one of our Dance to France crossings.

Now it's back to the rafts again and below are pictures of the Sunny Sands Folkestone Harbour fun day Raft Race 2006

The kmfm crew at the ready More rafts at the start
off we all go some better than others
kmfm crew going for it on our way home
Made it witout sinking this year

Last year the kmfm crew sank after about 10 yards, in 2006 not only did we manage to Finnish, but out of 32 rafts we came 9th, and our raft raised almost £700 for the RNLI. This year (2007) out of 35 rafts we came 5th and raised over £800.

For more Pictures see Shepway online

2007 raft race On the way out to sea 2007 Nice shells on the beach!
The kmfm team, at the end, well done lads. 5th Folkestone raft race 2007 Going Down!
My thanks to Chris at BT in Folkestone for the photos.
The reason we like doing the Raft race is to raise funds for the Dover Lifeboat, and in June some of the raft crew and fundraisers went for a ride on the Lifeboat. Thanks to all the crew who made us so welcome.
The crew
Dover's small lifeboat
On the Dover Lifeboat. Thanks to the guys who looked after us when we went for a sail around the Channel
Captain Lewis at the wheel
Captain Lewis making everyone seasick
You'll always find me near water, I love it. Below I went along to Hereson School for a fund raising afternoon for Demelza House, and the Children thought it would be a nice idea to put me in the stocks and throw wet sponge's at me. Still it was a nice hot and Sunny afternoon
The boys enjoying this Bang on, Bulls Eye
The Sunny Sands at Folkestone 2008 Raft Race was on Saturday 19th July. 30 rafts battled it out in some rather lumpy sea's. The wind was gusting 25mph, but it was fun. Below you'll see 3 photos for many more log onto Shepwayonline.
Look out for Dr Loo
Is that a radio mast i see?
The kmfm team.Richard Adams, Adam Dowling, Johnny Lewis and Kevin the Jogger from the Folkestone Running Club
Cheriton Sye Ryder shop Cheriton 2008
Left. At the end of October 2008 i went along to see bob and the gang at the Cheriton Sue Ryder shop to help in their fund raising.
Every now and then I like to go out with the RNLI or coastgurds. Below are a few photos of me recently out with the Thanet in Kent Coastguards at Kingsgate
Going over now
Getting ready to go over
Made it to the bottom, just got to get back to the top now!
Johnny Lewis
2010 and another busy summer of fund raising. Got some photos here of the Margate Raft Race held in June on a lovely summers day. Thousands of people watched from the Main Sands. Then in September it was once again the Pilgrims hospice 5K fun run. Around 350 of us managed to raise several thousand pounds for that good cause. Finally for now on October 17th a record number of riders took part in the Viking Bike ride around Thanet, Sandwich, Whitstable and Canterbury. Over 1000 of us took part in raising cash for the British Heart foundation. Looks like we could have raised £40k+. More info on the Guide dogs challenge we did in August coming in the next 2 weeks. Enjoy the photos.
Johnny and Judy after the race
The Northern Belle Girls team, They came first in there cat
The Northern Belle Lads Team
The Girls Team
The Lads Team we came 2nd overall but 1st in out cat
Dave and Debbie Landlord and land lady plus Judy and Johnny
Thats it back home after the race, behind the bar
5K Fun Run for the Pilgrims Hospice at Cliftonville . The 2010 Westwood Cross team
5K the Off
Judy and Johnny at the end of the 5K took us 27 mins
The Lewis Team. Andys the one with all the hair.
In August 2010, Tracy Steven's and I set out to raise some cash for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. We were helped by a number of people including my fiancee Judy. The task was to get around Thanets major towns, Margate, Broadstairs , Birchington and Ramsgate with Tracy blind folded and me dressed in a rather hot Dog outfit. We did this in under 6 hours Starting and ending at Westwood Cross. We manage to raise and collect over £1200. Our Thanks go out to everyone who gave and helped us out not only on the day, but also the weeks leading up to this. Below is a selection of photos from the day.
Minnis Bay, Birchington
Tracy, Johnny, Judy and Andy the the real dog
Andy at the end
With the Mayor and Mayoress of Margate Mick and Shirly Thomlinson
On the way round we even stopped in to open the new B&Q kitchen show room in Margate
Outside the Palm Bay Cafe. Thanks to Dean for the coffee and bacon rolls as well. well done lad
All outside the cafe
This time it's Ramsgate
Thanet Animal Hospital at Cliftonville
With Trish and Bill from Westgate. With there mother they raised almosy £100 on the day for us.
Johnny and Andy at Westwood Cross
This time with Kev the Ramsgate taxi driver who got us back from Ramsgate firestation to Westwood
Last port of call in Ramsgate