Welcome to My Friends page.
A young Elwood
Elwood a little older
Another on of El as a puppy
On this page you'll find photos of some of my little rats and Elwood the dog I once had. Elwood was only 6 weeks old when I got him, I had El as I call him for almost 7 years, but due to circumstances, I sadly had to let him go. I still see him as he's with a very good friend of mine who really looks after him and lets him run around with her other dogs. Elwood is a very lively Lurcher.
Elwood and me, he's looking for food
El with his grey beard
one more of El

Other little pets I've had since living in Sandwich are Hamsters and Rats. I was so surprised when I got my first Rats as to how friendly they are, and they answer to there names as well. Rats only live for around 2 and a half years, but I have had some that have been around well into their 3rd year. I still keep rats, I've got 5 at the moment.Below just a few of the little boys and girls I've had over the years.......

Then it's onto my human friends.

Snowy the albeno rat
Hidding in the tunnel
Rat in hand
Snowy liked his choc ice
Marlow in his house
Another of my rats in the house
Lastly with the pet rats, 3 photos below of Snowy attacking food, his fav past time
Snowy liked a little nibble of corn
More food for Snowy
Now to my human friends..Over the last 32 years working on Radio stations at sea, in Israel, Ireland, Holland, France and The UK I've meet so many great people, just thought I'd share a few photos of them with you. I will be adding more as I find them, at the moment my loft is a mess and as it's winter here, it's also bloody cold as well. Can I just say thanks to everyone I've worked with and meet over the years for some great times and memories.
Steve Marshal, me, and Tom Hardy Ireland 1982
Nick Richards
Top Left Keith York, above Steve Marshal, me, and Tom Hardy, Right is Little Nick Richard's, Bottom left Radio Nova's Jason Maine
Jason Maine, Radio Nova, Dublin
Drift back 20...1987
Who do you know on this one from Caroline and Laser 558, photo taken 1987

Above a selection of photos of people I met in Ireland and on the ships. Keith York, or Yorkie as we called him I met on the Voice of Peace off Tel Aviv in 1980, we then both went over to Ireland to work there. Steve Marshal was another Voice of Peace man from 1980. Tom Hardy and I first met on The Mi Amigo in the late 70's then we both worked together again on Sunshine Radio and Radio Nova in Dublin back in the early 1980's, Tom is still working in Dublin. Little Nick Richard's and myself go back to around 1977. Nick and I worked together on The Mi Amigo and the Ross and also at South Coast Radio in Cork in 1983. Jason Maine is an all round good guy who I worked with at Radio Nova. Now the other two photos were taken at DriftBack 20 in 1987 turned into a Caroline and Laser 558 reunion, but who do you know in the photos, and who is the gray haired man?

Stuart Vint
Radio Day 1992 in Holland
Bob Lawrence/Richard Thompson/Buzby
More friends from Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo. Top left is Stuart Vint, who was Stuart Vincent on Radio Caroline in the mid 80's, top right is my old shipmate Buzby, known on Radio Caroline in the 70's as Richard Thompson, and on Caroline now as Bob Lawrence, and in the center is a photo taken at the 1992 Radio day in Amsterdam, with Hans Knot talking to Marc Jacobs (Radio Mi Amigo) and myself about our times on The Ships. Below 3 more photos of some really good friends on mine from Holland taken over the weekend of Radio day 1992. These photos feature the Gang from Radio Monique, and Leen, who did so much to keep The Ross going in the 80's, Well done Lad.
On the River Amstel, in Holland
With Walter Simmons in Holland
After 1992's Radio day - off for some food
At Radio Netherlands
Radio day in Amsterdam 2004
Tony Peters on Radio Wyvern
Above left are some Dutch friends of mine seen here outside the Studios of Radio Netherlands . Above middle is a photo taken at Radio day 2004 in Amsterdam, here I am being interviewed by Dr. Martin van der Ven, From The Offshore radio guide. On the right another shipmate from Radio Caroline Tony Peters, Tony and I worked for the local ILR station for Hereford and Worcester together after leaving Caroline in 1987
Bob Le Roi, last Invicta Supergold show from Maidstone studios
2 Photos of Bob Le Roi taken at the end of the last Invicta Supergold show to be tx'd from Maidstone studios, Next day the station was on from its news studios in Whitstable
Bob Packing up in Maidstone
Bob Mower on Air
Ray Anderson in the main studio Laser Hot Hits 1986
On board an old Caroline tender

Last of our pictures for this page, and top left is Bob Mower, who I still work with at KMFM in Kent. Bob and I first worked together on Radio Caroline in early 1985, when he was known as Bob Matthews, center is Ray Anderson who has been around on many offshore stations starting in the 70's on Radio Atlantis. I first meet Ray in the late 70's when working on the Mi Amigo. Ray bought the Communicator when it came into Harwich in 1985, this picture was taken just before the ship set sail again in December 1986, Ray is now on Big L . Top right not on our way to a Radio station, but enjoying a summers day off Whitstable with the Mayor of Canterbury, and on the right is Graham Croft who was running sight seeing trips to Caroline in the mid 80's.

Each year our Friends in Holland put on Radio Day in Amsterdam, it's a chance for us who have worked on the Offshore stations to not only have a re union but also a chance to meet our listener's as well and share some of our storys. We do also have a little drink!
Nigel Harris, Andrew Austin and me talking to a listner at Radio day 2004 Johnny talking with some of carolines Dutch listners at Radio day 2004 Nigel and Johnny at the bar.Radio Day 2004

My thanks to Wolf from Berlin for the above photos from the 2004 Radio Day in Amsterdam. If you would like to see more go to Offshore Radio and Andy Archers site.

Andy Andy The Lewis Family
Judy and I have a new addition to the Family. He is Andy and was 9 months old when we got him. Andy is a Lhasa Apso He is so typical of his breed