On Tour in Norway, France & Jersey
Refreshments in Rouross, Norway
Every now and then we like to leave East Kent and try some of the fine beers Europe has to offer. Our tours have taken us to Norway, Holland, France and a very fine Beer Festival in Jersey. First Some photos of when i worked with some very nice people at Breeze AM in Essex, Sussex and Surrey.
The Morning After the Beer on air in Norway
Norway at Hell railway station, just outside Trondheim
Norway. ready on our scadoos for a race.
Norway, time to go home

Pictures above of the Breeze crew on tour in Norway, We did do some work as well I took my breakfast show to Roros and Trondheim. Below and this time it's off to the Jersey Beer Festival that happens every September. The festival takes place in the Peoples Park in St Helier.

You'll find well over a hundred fine beers from all over the UK and beyond, and you'll receive a very friendly welcome as well.

1st pint in Jersey with Tom.
Jersey festival..The tent at the start
Back on the holiday happy beer in Jersey
Gorey seaside village Jersey
Ian taking time off from the Jersey beer festival
Gorey on Jersey
As you can see, it was not all beer over the few day we spent in Jersey. We did do some sightseeing as well. Jersey has some lovely little seaside villages, one we went to is around 7 miles from St Heilier, and that's Gorey. Gorey is well worth a visit. Buses run from St Heilier about every 20 mins or so. You'll also find a very good Golf course here.
Poor Toms full up!!
The start of the 2003 Jersey Festival.
Over 100 different beers are available. Jersey 2003
Having a little brake
Mines a biggen!
Off The real ale on the Irish stuff
So having been to Norway, then onto Jersey, well just 21 miles across the Channel is France. So we join Maria, who enjoys a swift one (beer), Corky my Line Manager, Paul and myself as we set sail to find some fine food and drink in France.
French leg of La Tour in Calais.
La Beer once again in a small bar in Calais.
Irish bar in Calais main square.
Inside French Irish Bar
Outside French Irish Bar
Drink on the boat, done that before!
My Boss, Corky and me enjoying a day in France with tall glasses
It could be you here next time
Maria, Corky and me on our way back from France,Going to the Hoy in Deal
The Deal Hoy.
A fine day in France was had by all. Now to round off the day nicely we all went back to a wonderful pub in Deal called The Hoy. Jeff the Landlord keeps a fine pint of Master Brew and Spitfire, both beers brewed here in Kent.
Pulling in The Deal Hoy, with Jeff the Landlord.

October 11th and the poor French had to put up with us going to Calais for the day. Visited some great places to have some French and Belgium beers, and if you like garlic Mussels try The London Bar.


The Crew at the ready
Tom at the pumps
From left to right, Johny, Ian, Simon and Tom
Tom with a fine selection of pumps in the Irish bar in Calais
Food and beer.
Toms Happy!
Tom at his bar
This time from left to right, Ian, Tom, Johnny and Paul
Tom was celebrating his Birthday.Picture here in Calais by Toms Bar.
Tom & Ian
Time for sea food
Ian with loads of Food and the odd drink
Good one off Tom and Ian enjoying a French beer.
Middle, Tom likes his sea food and above Ian getting ready for his.
Tom Paul and Ian
The crew with a local addition!
All the French tour crew 2005
That's it for the French tour 2005. Next year we're aiming for more country's so we might well be heading your way soon!!