More arm tilting and blowing the froth.
Scottish John & Ken on their way to the wedding.

Just a few photos to be getting on with from the Fleur. One of the regulars Scottish John got married in October and held the reception at the hotel. A good time was had by all.

Reception at the Fleur
One of the lovely ladies from the Fleur.
Always a smile from Gemma.
Topping up.
Rachal behind the bar
Mellisa behind the bar
Sally and Sarah Behind the bar
Sam behind the coffee bar
Sam and Mellisa
Ben, Tom, El Tel, and myself infront of the bar with same in the back ground
Tom needs another!   Notice the painted celling.
Need a lift to get another pint!!
Ken, to the bar lad.
Friendly bar staff at the Fleur
Outside shot
Sandwich Lads (us) having a go behind the Bar

The Fleur de Lis Hotel The Fleur is located in the heart of Sandwich. It comprises 12-room hotel accommodation, a bar and a spacious restaurant, which also incorporates the town's old Corn Exchange. The first recorded mention of the Fleur de Lis was in 1642, when the town crier proclaimed it as a meeting place for volunteers to fight for Charles I.

The Fleur was at one time also known as the Flower of Lewis. In 1790 it became the coaching office in sandwich. Coaches could be booked to go to Canterbury, Ramsgate and Dover. By the start of the 19th century a stable lad and coach boy were employed here. The Fleur-de-lis operated a coach service until the arrival of the motorcar. It was also at this time that the corn market came to be held at the Fleur. Every Wednesday farmers would meet here to sell their corn and barter and haggle over prices. The prices of corn were displayed on the board inside the Inn.

The Arrival of the Railway at sandwich in 1847 increased the trade to such an extent the licensing hours were extended on a Wednesday and the inn would open at 5.30am. For most of the 19th century a sign displayed outside the Inn read 'Commercial Tavern, Corn Market and general Coach Office. The Fleur offers drinkers of real ales a fine selection with Bass, Fullers London Pride, Green King IPA and guests including beers from Kent's Gadds of Ramsgate, The Nelson brewing company, and Hopdaemomd of Canterbury.

If you're feeling a touch hungry you can have a small or large meal with your ale and most Fridays the Fleur has local live bands on.