Welcome to another beer page, on this page you'll find a range of both Town and Country pubs we visits from other parts of East Kent.
Armin the Landlord of The Ship in Whitstable
Myself, Kate and Armin behind the bar of The Ship, Whitstable
Whitstable is a great place to visit not only for the pubs, but is a historic seaside town with loads to see and do. Whitstable is easy to get to from all parts of Kent and London with a good train service from London Victoria, from the road it's sign posted from the A299 Thanet Way.
Mad Armin and myself outside The Ship
Whitstables Bob Le Roi and me enjoying a pint at The Ship
Outside The Ship,Whitstable
Above another one of my radio friends Bob Le Roi. Have a look at Bobs web site, it's very good. More about Bob on the friends page.
Armin and some friends
Armin doing the Whitstable 10k fun run
Outside The Smack Inn, Whitstable
When in Whitstable a visit to The Ship in the High Street is a must. You can't miss it, loads of flowers and the German flag flys outside. Armin is the landlord and is from Germany and will you have some fun here. German beers and food is also recommended if you pop in for a pint. You can also choose from at least 3 real ales here as well.
The Frog & Orange at Shatterling
How to get to the Frog
The Frog and Orange
The Frog & Orange at Shatterling is on the main Canterbury to Sandwich road the A257. It's well worth a visit, and see what you think of the sign.
Jonathan, the Landlord behind the bar at The Frog.
One of our tours takes us out into the countryside around Thanet. The Bell at Minster is a very cosey pub with a lively landlady. The Dog And Duck on the river Stour at Plucks Gutter is another place to visit and along that very same road. If you head towards Sandwich, at Preston you'll come across the Half Moon and Seven Stars. All are worth a visit.
The Bell at Minster, Thanet
The Bell information
Outside The dog and Duck at Plucks Gutter

On Sunday July 31st I went along to The Dog And Duck at Plucks Gutter to open there Charity fun day.The pub over the years has raised several thousand pounds for local charity's and on the day invited one of the children's charity's it helps to bring the children down for a free Sunday dinner.

Like to say well done to all who took part and especially to Rita and John

Dog and Duck fun day John and me
Bet a few would like to see me in the stocks!
Me with some of the ladys who helped out on the stalls More cash to the charitys
This is what it's all about, helping the children
Time for a drink at the bar,It's only cola! Girls having a fun afternoon
Smiles From the Children
The Dog and Duck has a Charity cheque presentation evening on October 21st and i'll be going along to that, so I'll update you on how much has been raised this year. I'lll be adding pictures of the evening on this page.
Sign says it all
The Half Moon and Seven Stars at Preston
Winning team from the East Kent
When I was on Invicta Supergold, we had a pub quiz on air. As the station broadcast to the whole of Kent many pubs took part in the quiz. It worked by having 2 pubs on air at a time each evening they had 10 questions first to buzz answered if they got it wrong it was handed over to the other pub. it was a knock out comp, and in it's first year on air over 100 pubs took part. Photo on the left is the first years winners the East Kent in Whitstable.
Another place in Kent you'll find some fine coast pubs is Ramsgate. Ramsgate is right on the North Eastern tip of Kent, it has a ferry port and nearby is Kent International Airport at Manston. Best way to get to Ramsgate is from the Thanet Way the A299 if coming down from London.
Outside Churchills Ramsgate
Ramsgate Harbour
Inside Churchills Ramsgate
Just as you head into Ramsgate, right on the hill overlooking the harbour is Churchill's Bar, nice lively place this is with music on from time to time and the odd beer festival as well. On the Sunday we visited they had on a rather good drop of Bombardier. Then it was onto Gadds, yep that's where the Ramsgate brewery can be found, it's right opposite the casino by the harbour clock tower, you can get the full range of Gadds beers here and it's brewed on the premises.
Inside Gadds in Ramsgate

Ramsgate is a lovely seaside town with lots to do for the whole family, it does make a nice day out with not only some very good pubs but restaurants and beachs as well. You will find plenty here for the children to do as well.

More of the team inside Gadds
Outside Gadds in Ramsgate
Ramsgate Harbour clock tower

In the weeks to come over the spring and summer we will be visiting more of Ramsgate's pubs, so do come back and have a look from time to time.

We will be visiting Thanet's other main towns as well, like Margate, Birchington and Broadstairs, all have lots to offer not only the drinker, but the whole family

Staple is a small village between Sandwich and Wingham, from Canterbury it's about 8 miles out along the A257, and well sign-posted from Wingham. Staple has 2 pubs, The Three Tuns at the Wingham end of the village and from the Sandwich end The Black Pig, both pubs are well worth a visit.
Three Tuns and Tank!
Pictures of the The Three Tuns, here celebrating St George's Day, and also 60 years since VE day. The pub had a World War II tank in the gardens, search lights and a full-size AA gun there as well. This pub is under new management and well worth a visit. Oh yes, the beer was good as well. Well done to all and thanks for a great weekend. More theme days and nights are planed....
Tank at the Three Tuns
AA gun at The Three Tuns
Front view of The Tuns and tank

Mentioned about Wingham, here you'll find 3 pubs. The Dog, The Red Lion, and The Anchor, all again good for both beer and food.

Over the next few weeks we will pay a visit to these pubs and I'll be adding some pictures of the pubs on this page

The sign
Black Pig, Staple