Breeze live on air in Norway
Since starting in radio back in 1977, as well as working at sea, I've also worked on stations on land. In the late 70's and early 80's working in Dublin

Waterford and Cork in Ireland, and at times while on shore leave from Radio Caroline I would go back and do stints on the Irish stations, you know just to keep my hand in and to sample the fine Irish Guinness. Then in early 1987 thought it was about time to work on ILR (Independent Local Radio) in the UK.

top is Wyvern 1987 .bottom Sunshine dublin 1981
Sunshine Radio.Dublin 1981

Some more photos of Dublin, thanks to Warren in Hythe, Kent. Below left Sunshine Radios portacabin at the side of the Sands Hotel, Dublin below that is me on air on Sunshine. In the centre top is the front of the Sands Hotel. Sunshine's AM & FM transmitters as well as the studios were all here. Below centre is the stations AM Optimod processor, Sunshine was the first station in Europe to use this type of unit. Top right - on air, the Sunshine studio in 1982 and below right is Radio Nova's production studio in 1982.

Sunshine Radio studios were in this portacabin from late 1981. It was at the back o f the Sands Hotel about 12 miles north of Dublin.
Sands Hotel, north of Dublin.
Sunshine Radio studios 1982.
Sunshine AM Optimod. Sunshine was the first station in Europe to use this kind of AM unit.
Radio Nova, Dublin - production studio 1982.
On Air - Sunshine Radio 1982 (with what looks like a black eye!!!!)
When I first came to the UK to work, I started on a station that broadcast to Hereford and Worcester that was Radio Wyvern; I then spent 10 years working for Invicta Radio in Kent. My work now is with kmfm in East Kent.
Partners night in Ramsgate 1988 Invicta
Great thing about radio is I get to meet some great people, and broadcast from all over the world, places like Dallas, Norway & France to name just a few.
on a Cart in Norway
More fun in jersey
Being Ducked in Canterbury
Oops! Bit Deep!
The Norway Interview
Yes Yes Yes Fun Fun Fun
Invicta Supergold Kent. Sorry larger image not available.
TLR Thanet 1998. Sorry larger image not available
On Air Invicta FM
up to our neck in comp entries at TLR christmas 2001
Yes yes yes sit on my knee
No wonder the snowman is smiling
KMfm OB in Folkestone, Loads of Girls yes yes yes!!

I will over the next few weeks be adding more photos and information to the radio section of roundsandsound.

In the weeks to come I'll also be adding a news section.

Main Studio KMfm 2004
In May of 2006 I took a trip back to Dublin for the first time since 1984, and how the city has changed, and the Radio as well. It's all legal now and still loads of great stations.
Enjoying the summer in Dublin 2006
Summer in Dublin That's more like the Dublin i knew!
Outside the Sands Hotel 2006
For old time's sake I took a trip to Portmarnock in North Dublin and to the Sands Hotel. Sunshine Radio Broadcast from here from 1981 till it's close down. Not much had changed, The tall 200 foot mast had gone.
Sands Hotel 2006

Got some more photos from Ireland thanks to my good friend Gary Hogg, Gary will be sending more in so keep coming back .

This time round I've photos from South Coast Radio Cork, Sunshine Radio Dublin and 1 from Southside Radio in Dun Laoghaire

Sunshine Radio Studio 1982
Southside Radio in Dun Laoghaire  1981
South Coast Radio..Cork  1983
I know what the Tee shirt say's, but it's the studio of South Coast Radio Cork 1983

Picture on the right was taken at a radio day in 1983. from L to R , Johnny Lewis, James Kay, Nigel Harris and John Birch with the mic. Think it came from Offshore echo's originally

Radio get together in London in 1983

Another Radio station I worked for was The Voice of Peace which broadcast to the Middle East for 20 years from 1973.

The station broadcast from the Peace ship anchored while I was there some 6 miles off Tel Aviv. I was on the ship from April till December 1980. At that time the station was broadcasting on 1540 kHz with a power of around 30kw and on FM 100 with a power of 100kw erp and boy did that fm get out as well. The station played mainly music from the Charts and classic hit's. We did also have in the evenings Rock, Country and MOR shows.

Crew on the Peace ship 1980
VOP Radio mast AM and FM
VOP looking Back
Looking back to the bridge of the VOP 1980
Brian the enginere, Stevie Gorden and Johnny Lewis on the VOP summer 1980
VOP 1980
Voice of Peace ship 1980
VOP looking to the front of the ship
Lifeboat by the bridge
Johnny going for a dip in the Med
Nice dip to cool down
Johnny Lewis comming back on board
Sign at the base of the Broadcast mast on the ship.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures all taken in 1980. If you want to find out more about the history of The Voice of Peace Hans Knot has put together a really good book of memories from all sorts of people who've been involved over the years with the radio station. Log onto for more info
Newspaper cutting  September 1980
Now for some more pictures and station information from Ireland.Thanks to my good friend Clive Derek for the pictures and scans. ABC was on of Irelands so called Super Pirate to Broadcast in the 80's. ABC Radio Broadcast to the Wexford Area of the country from studios in the lovely coastal town of Tramore and the city of Waterford. It was one of the country's most popular stations playing a mix of classic and chart songs mixed with local News and information, style of presentation was personality lead, and I can say having worked on the station it was a great place to be..
ABC's Clive Derek
ABC Radio First Studio in Tramore
ABC Studio in Waterford
On the Left ABC Radio's first studio in Tramore, and above the studio in Waterford
ABC Radio's Clive Derek
The ABC crew in 1984 having fun in Tramore
The office, well Eagins Pub Waterford
OB in Tramore
OB on the Tramore Roller Coaster, we spent 8 hours going round to raise money for the Tramore lifeboat
The ABC Radio crew having Fun. Picture above taken at a station OB in Tramore
ABC station info
Prog Sched from around 1983
A warm welcome from ABC Radio
ABC Radio Rate Card around 1982
They'll be more from ABC Radio coming soon, and more pictures and information about Irish Radio from the 80's.