On this page you'll find a few photos I found up in the loft.
Ross Revenge in 1984
Me By the 50kw
Ross 1984
Ross in 1984
Photo's of The Ross Revenge with the 300 ft mast taken late 1984. Also one of me by the 963khz 50 kw AM tx, at this time it was running about 35 kw.
On the bridge of the Ross talking on the Ship to shore
on our way home getting a wave from the crew
Another way to go home, a 17 mile swim!
Caroline, Ross  studio 1985
On air in 1985 on Caroline
Photos of Radio Caroline taken in 1985,..Above is one of Bob and myself at a re union in 2000
In the main Caroline studio in 1985
Cover up DTI are About
Thirsty work this talking you know ..And on the Right The British DTI were about
Fiona Jeffrey's, and me. Fiona was one of Caroline's many female presenters in the mid 80s.
Thanks to Bob Le Roi for the above photos
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Ross Revenge 1990
Ross Revenge around 1990
Ross Revege at the falls head
Ross Revenge 1990

Some photos of the Ross Revenge taken in the winter of 1990 when the ship was anchored at The Falls Head. The ship was not broadcasting at this point.

Ross Revenge in Dover
Ross Revenge in Dover the weekend after being towed off the Goodwin Sands. Picture on the left taken from Dover's western heights.
In Dover all chained up
In November 1991, The Ross Revenge went adrift in the English Channel grounding on the Goodwin Sands off the Kent coast. After 3 days she was pulled clear by tugs and taken into port in Dover and impounded by the customs. The pictures below were taken on the day she was towed into the Granville Dock.
Ross in Dover 1990
Ross Dover
under arrest in Dover 1990
Ross in Dover
3 men from the customs on the ross
Dover Castle in the back ground

On a nice calm summers day a few of us took a trip from Whitstable out to the old World War II gun towers off the Kent coast. In the 60's most of these forts housed offshore radio stations. Could do with a good coat of paint now!!

The Red Sands Tower could be re generated see link for details

Red Sands tower
Tongue Sands Tower
Knock Johns Tower
One of the Shivering Sands towers off the Kent coast
Red Sands Tower
One of the towers at Shivering Sands off Kent
Tongue looking Sad the year before it collapsed,
Tongue Sands with Guns in 1986
Red Sands Tower
Tongue Sands off Margate
Knock John tower
Knock John with Guns
On Thursday May 17th I went up in the Coastgard plane from Manston in East Kent, We went right over both Shivering Sands and Red Sands Towers, both now looking in a very sorry state.
Craig the pilot and myself
At the controls
top view of Red Sands
Red Sands Tower May 2007
Another one of Red Sands from the plane
Wind Farm off the Kent Coast
Red Sands Tower Taken from the Coastgard plane in May 2007
Wind Farm Near Both Shivering and Red Sands Towers
Shivering Sands Fort 2007 Shivering Sands, home of Radio City in 1965-1967
Shivering Sands 2007

This is Shivering Sands Tower off the Kent coast pictures take by Tim Stewart in June 2007. Radios Sutch and City Broadcast from here in the mid 60's

The towers have been used since by the Port of London to measurer tides in the area

Shivering Sands Tower off the Kent Coast 2007
Shivering Sands  2007
Just thought I'd put these 3 photos of the ill fated Radio Paradise on this page.. These pictures taken when the ship was being fitted out in Dublin in Summer 1981. It anchored off the Dutch coast that year made 1 broadcast and the ship was towed in.
Ships Anchor.
Stations transmitting mast on deck
Dublin from the stern of the Paradise ship