More photos including a great photo of the Ross with her full 300 ft mast taken at sunset still to come.
More photos being delivered to Roundsandsounds
On our way out to sea again
Invicta Radio Kent 1988
More photos from Santa for Rounds & Sounds, including a very nice one of The Ross Revenge which will appear here soon.
Invicta Radio 1988, from left to right, Caesar, Roger Day in the middle and a rather large Johnny Lewis.

Since coming into port the Ross Revenge has made several RSL broadcasts, that's to say its been licensed to transmit for 28 days on AM or FM, here's some pictures taken of the ship when it was broadcasting off Queenborough in Kent

Ross  in 1997
Queenborough RSL TX 1997
Nice summers day at Queenborough
Queenborough 1997
Time to go home steaming away from bradwell
Ross main engine control panel
Ross's main lump, and bloody big it is as well
50kw driver stage on the Ross
Front of the 50kw RCA tx on the Ross
Another one of Radio Caroline's RSL Broadcast's was in 2004 from the port of Tilbury in Essex. Below are pictures of the ship taken during the broadcast.
Ross at Tilbury...2004
Ross Tilbury from sturn
Ross from the bridge
Ross looking to the bridge
Ross at Tilbury in Essex 2004
Ross in Tilbury looking back
Nigel Harris in Carolines first Maidstone Studio 1999

Radio Caroline is still broadcasting today, for more info log onto the stations web site. Two photos of Nigel Harris in the stations Maidstone studio in Feb 1999. Shortly both Nigel and myself will tell you how Radio Caroline moved from ship to shore and started broadcasting once again 24 hours a day from the Maidstone studios, it has a few funny twists and turnes. Radio Caroline still at times uses the the studios on the ship to broadcast. The old Dutch studio on the boat has now been refitted with a computer playout system and new CD players.

Nigel in the Maidstone studio Feb 1999
Racks at the Caroline studios in Maidstone
old English service studio on the Ross, 2001
Two more photos, one of the old English studio aboard the Ross, and the one on the left the racks room at Vinters Park, Maidstone in Kent most of Radio Carolines' shows now come from here..
Ross 1998
on the Maidstone studio wall 1998
Ross 1998
Found some more photo's here of Caroline Moored of The Isle of Sheppy, and when we did our very first OB (Outside Broadcast) from the ship in Jan 1999. The OB was not live, but recorded using all the ships equipment on a Saturday evening then I rebroadcast it from our Maidstone studios on the Sunday Morning, at that time we had no lines from the ship to Maidstone but we did want to show we still wanted to keep the boat, and use it for transmissions when we could.
Johnny, Dave and Alex
Bob L, Chris,Nigel, Chairman, Ha Dock, Johnny 1999
Johnny and Caroline Martin
Chairman Moore
OB 1999
OB 1999
1999 OB on the Bridge And here also with Buzby in on of the studios
OB 1999 with Andrew Austin, Dave Foster is in the background
Mess Room with Johnny and Nigel Harris
Andrew and Buzby
Food time after the recording of the OB
Pulling away late evening Jan 1999
Ross 1999
Buzby on the Ross 1999
The next day in the Maidstone studios
Maidstone studios Jan 1999
Maidstone studio 1999
Taken on the high sea's about a week before she came into Dover
Taken about an hour after coming off the Goodwin Dover. Photo taken on A P+O Ferry, we were held up going to France while the Ross was towed into the port!!
Paul from Westgate on Sea Kent is one of my listener's from kmfm he went out to the Ross in 1986 on one of the many boat trips that came out to see us when the weather allowed. He has just sent me these photos from that trip. Cheers Paul
Johnny With a Jumper knitted by Jenny Knight of Ramsgate Ross with our Tender alongside Left to right John Dwyer, Kevin Turner, Diane, Mayo, Johnny Lewis and Ian Aceres
Ross with the Tender alongside The Back deck in 1986 Side view
Mast from the back deck
Mast from the front
Big old thing
Ships Bridge 1986
Raffles our ships dog
says it all
Johnny Lewis in the main English studio
Caroline Overdrive studio at the back of the ship
Main English Studio
3 photos below taken in 1984 by Nick Bryson on a trip to the ship from the Kent coast
Boat along side in 1984..left to right Mike Barrington, Simon Barrett, and Johnny Lewis
Ross Revenge 1984
Ross in 1984
Boat alongside the Ross in 1984.On Deck Mike, Simon and Johnny
Ross Revenge in 1984, Stern view and one looking forward from the anchor winch
Caroline's Maidstone Studio June 2007
Caroline's Maidstone Studio
Radio Caroline's Maidstone studio June 2007

On Saturday 11th August I had 2 Caroline fans from my part of Kent join me in the Studio. Bruce is the Landlord of The Hare and Hounds pub at Northbourne, just outside Deal. He has been a keen Caroline listener since the 60's. My second guest was Floyd from South Africa. Floyd moved to England in 1977 and started listening to Radio Caroline then, and has always liked what the station has done.

Bruce in the main Maidstone studio
Floyd giving you a wave, don't tell the boy it's Radio and we dont have camras!
Floyd and Johnny in the Main Caroline studio at Maidstone Aug 2007
Johnny Lewis on Air in Maidstone Aug 2007
Another one of Bruce enjoying himself
Johnny sorting out the emails
Saturday October 27th and another new chapter for Radio Caroline as we moved into new state of the art studios in Kent
New Maidstone Studios October 2007
Johnny doing the first show from the new studio in October 2007
Another of the new studio
Below are some photo's of the Ross taken in Tilbury Essex in November 2007.
Ross in November 2007
Ross in Tilbury November 2007
The old Gate's mixer in the English studio and still working in November 2007
The Mixer in the dutch Studio and still working in November 2007
The studio in Holland ready for  for Radio Monique
Above right what was the mixer used on the Dutch service including Radio Monique, then above left, equipment that went out to make up the Monique studio in December 1984, this photo taken in Holland
Over the May Bank Holidays 2008 Radio Caroline is playing the Listener top 500 broadcasting all shows from the Ross Revenge in Tilbury Docks. I was on the ship on Saturday 3rd May, and will be back again on Saturday 24th as well. Well done to the Restoration crew for all the hard work they are putting in on the ship
Johnny Lewis on Air on the Ross Revenge May 2008
Johnny hard at it!
If your in the Thanet area of Kent see what you notice on this photo!
It was a nice sunny day the day i returned to the ship to Broadcast once again
Part 2 of the Caroline listener album top 500 was broadcast over the 2nd May Bank Holiday and I had the pleasure of hosting part of it on the Saturday.While on the ship I took a few more photos. Work is progressing well as you will see on the ship. Well done to all involved.
Lots of painting going on, here Cliff Osborn lends a helping hand
Some parts of the ship can be got at easier than others
Johnny Lewis
Johnny in the studio on the Ross May 2008
Johnny Lewis with Nigel Haris and Cliff Osborn in the back ground
Nigel Haris on the air Ross 2008
Nigel with Crewman from Holland Richard
More from the Ross, this time photos from our Easter 2009 broadcast. Thanks for all the support you give the station and all the e mails you send to us.. It all helps to keep the station and us going.
Caroline 80's studio and we still use it now
The Main Caroline studio on the Ross
Johnny on air Easter Sunday 2009
The 80's studio on the Ross, this was the studio that was re built for the film The Boat that Rocked
The Ross taken from inside the Bridge
All round good guy Lee in the Ross Mess room