This is the weekend tour page.

Running for a pint!
On Sunday 9th October, First it was off to see Alex and Amanda at the Kings Head in Kingsdown, Alex had Archers as he's guest ale.Then we took ourselves off to Northbourne and the Hare and Hounds. It was Fullers here ESB, had Harveys from Sussex on and also tasted the Timothy Taylor Landlord, all in top condition. To round off a fine Sunday we had a pint another pint of Harveys at The St Crispin in Worth.
Kings Head, Kingsdown
Nice sunny autumn day so good to relax outside the Hare and Hounds
The Kings Head at Kingsdown near Deal
Sandwich queyside
St Crispan, Worth
Deal Hoy, Deal

Sunday 2nd October

we took ourselves off to Dover and had a look in Blake's in Castle St, some great real ales on here and Welcome back to Pete and Katherine who had the Yew Tree at Barfrestone till the turn of this year..Nice to sample the dips once again. While in Dover we also went to The Red Lion for a pint of bomber.

Also in October it was off to Deal and a pub that's tucked away in Middle St. called The Ship, Had a pint of Summer lightning, Very good and some Gadds from Ramsgate, the Ship also have a Happy Half hour from 5.30 each evening, Everything is half price. Another of My Favorites is The Deal Hoy and this time of year worth trying Sheps Later Red. In Sandwich The George And Dragon in Fisher St. has Timothy Taylor's Landlord and Hobgoblin on as guests.

All out side the Lion in Dover
Bar at The Red Lion
Deal Hoy Garden
outside the Deal Hoy with Jeff The Landlord
Deal Hoy Garden, it's a bit of a sun trap
Chris The ambassador as we call him hard at work at The Hoy
Outside The Crown Tony the Landlord of the Hare and Hounds
On Sunday 11th December we took ourselves of to another good Sheps pub and that Was The Fitzwater Arms at Goodnestone, lovely country pub this, and at one time many years ago was a church, then it was over to The Yew Tree at Barfrestone always been one of our Favourite pubs.The beers was in top condition.This pub always have at least 3 guest beers on and one Dark mild from the hand pump as well. Our final port of call on Sunday was the Hare and Hounds at Northbourne. ESB, Harvey's and Timothy Tailor's Landlord was the order of the day here
Outside the Fitzwater Arms
All on the steps of the Fitzwater arms
Yew tree sign
Outside of the Fitzwater Arms in the village of Goodnestone
The very old sign outside The Yew Tree at Barfrestone
Most Saturdays and Sundays you'll find us having a drink in our local the Fluer in Sandwich, Which has a deferent guest beer on almost every day, at the moment they are doing some very nice christmas ales from around the country
Another local pub that's well worth a visit is The Three Tuns at Staple some rather nice Old Bob beer on from Essex as well as that you could also get a pint of London Pride and Green King IPA.
Three Tuns at staple

On Sunday January 8th we went on our first cruise out of the year to The Yew Tree at Barfrestone and we were not disappoint with the beer, still got a great rage of real ales there including one at 8% called Old Tom, cant tell you what it was like as I chickened out of having any, however the ESB was great. Went on from there to Visit both the pubs in Worth, beer real ales at both in fine condition.

Sunday 15th and we headed off to The Magnet on the London Road as you go into Deal from Sandwich, John the landlord keeps a nice pint of Sheps Master Brew. Our next port of call was The Sportsman at Sholden just off the main Sandwich-Deal road, had Gadds number 5 on and Green King IPA both good. After that another country pub that always has a good range of real ales on is the Crown at Fingelsham. Then it was back to Sandwich and a pub we've just started to go back into The Greyhound, well done to Bev and the gang here the guest was great, and she promises a lot more in the future as well. I'll do a feature on this pub on the Sandwich page soon.

Bar at The Sportsman in Sholded nr Deal John at the Magnet in Deal Yew Tree sign
On Sunday the 22nd Jan the Touring Boys stayed in Sandwich and we went to a pub we've just started going into once again. Well done to Bev and the gang for a nice friendly atmosphere. This pub will now always have a guest beer on hand pump on Sunday it was Tribute a nice drop of ale and well kept.
Outside The Greyhound Sandwich
The Bar in The Greyhound, And centre Girls at play.
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