Johnny before The Fluff came off
It's coming Off
It's gone, that's better

I took part in Mowvember. It was fun but did not like the fluff. My Mate Barry sorting my face out!

Rounds and Sounds 2003 to 2022

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While shifting around in my loft I've come across a few old photo's of when I was a little Lad. You'll find them on the Intro Page. I also came across one of my Caroline Breakfast show playlist's. This from 19th September 1984. You can see what we used to play on the ship. Click for Part 1 and Part 2.

Just relaxing doing a spot of carry on camping Lad
On the 14th May Judy and I got married at Worth Church. More photos to follow
Radio Caroline at the 02, The Mi Amigo Studio
One of my Fav ways of relaxing is taking of and going camping
In June Radio Caroline did some live broadcast's from Londons 02.
At the 02
Another boat, but not one to Broadcast from.
Getting an Award from the Ramsgate Rotary Club for services to the comunity
Johnny now a little bit of grey hair!
Johnny Lewis and BBC Essex's Ray Clark
Johnny and BBC Essex's Ray Clark at Radio Day in Amsterdam
Here I am receiving an award from Ramsgate Rotary club for my services to the community
We have a number of great Beer Festivals in Kent . For information click this Link.
Judy my wife and I on air at Academy FM Thanet 2012
Peter Moore of Radio Caroline
Radio Caroline Founder Ronan

Last Update. 2th April


2009 Christmas lights at Broadstairs
Ross Revenge  going through the Thames Barrier. Thanks to David Harris from Cliftonville for the photo
Christmas lights going on in Broadstairs

2013 Radio Day in Holland

Photos click Here.

Radio Day 2014 The Hotel Casa 400 in Amsterdam, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4. More info and photos Click Radio Day

I've received an award from the KM Walk to School Charity. Award. It was for helping with fund raising and publicity.

New Girl Band PHACEBOOK with me at kmfm Early Feb 2010
Johnny on the Ross in 1985
KM Walk to School Awards 2010
New Girl Band PHACEBOOK supported JLS in Margate and came in to see me on kmfm Breakfast
At the Walking to School awards, and left why not Join Walk to Win?.
Walk To Win with the Six Bells Centre Margate
Caroline Land Studio March 2010
Walk to Win. St Johns Margate
Above, with my bright Walk to Win sweat shirt and the 6 Bells group

Left. Radio Caroline Land Studio. Above More Walking To Win in Margate

You can listen to Radio Caroline

If your intrested in the Irish Free Radio era from 1980 to about 1989 on my hunting around the web found This very intresting site.Irish Radio.

Mi Amigo 1979. More like this on Mi Amigo Page 2
Big Hair in a storm on the Mi Amigo
Mi Amigo

Last years Open Golf championships was localy atRoyal St George's golf club.

For information about the Sandwich area log on to Open Sandwich,or DCC.

Johnny and Judy
Mi Amigo late 1979
Mi Amigo mess room 1979, Tony Alan and Peter Chicago
Ross in September 1986
Thanks To Nick and some good friends in Germany for the pictures above and on the left. Above is Tony Alan and Chicago in The mess room on the MI Amigo. Photo taken in late 1979
Photo Card from May 1988
Another photo card from Invicta, this time from  1990
Johnny in 1984
Thanks to scaniaman for the above photo taken at Monitor Mag back in 1984
2 picturs above from my time at Invicta Radio in Kent, and below, 1982, Great 'Summer in Dublin', plus the good old Gates mixer on the Ross
The Boys at play in 1984
Sunshine Radio, Dublin, summer 1982
On Air 2009 at kmfm
On the Laser ship in 1984
Almost lit up but only doing a marx brothers impression, but beer got in the way
Another Lardie, dirty habit
Top left on board the Communicator in 1984, had big hair then. Above i'm Enjoying a beer and a with Keith from the Red Lion in Dover after one of our golf outings, and on the right another chance for a beer with some old shipmates in Holland, and on the left is Deno getting in the swing of things. More on my Friends Page's and the Golf Page's
Johnny Lewis on air on Radio Caroline August 2007
Studio on the Ross Easter 2009
Is it 1 half of Chas and Dave or Johnny Lewis on the Ross in 1986?
Mi Amigo More on Radio Page 1
From the Irish Era early 80's, more on Radio page 3
One half of Chas and Dave?, or Johnny with face fluff? Below am i wearing a tie on the Ross 1986?
More face fluff. but on air in Ireland this time
If you Remember RNI Radio North Sea International one of the great offshore stations of the 70's, on Martin offshore radio site he has just posted loads of wonderful colour and black and white pictures of the ship Mebo 2 and of the stations TX room, studios etc., its well worth a visit. Click RNI
Big Dish at the Maidstone studios
Caroline New and old. On the left Big Dish's at the Maidstone studio's....Above left the 50kw on the Mi Amigo and on the right the RCA 50KW TX on the Ross
1984 by the Ross 50kw
Dover beer festival 2005 M.V. Mi Amigo on a very calm North Sea 16 miles off the Essex coast

For the information about the latest edition of Horizon click . Horizon

Another good read is Offshore Echoes

Mi Amigo on a very calm North Sea in Late 1978. Ship was in the Knock Deep channel 16 Miles off the Essex coast. Below The Ross moored off the Isle of Sheppy Jan 2000
A calm day for the Ross on the River off the Isle of Sheppy..Jan 2000
Amsterdam reunion 2005
Local East Kent Camra Branch details and information
The Albert in Deal. Nice real ales here

For information about the Thanet branch

Good Friday and Easter Saturday is this years Thanet Beer Festival at Margates Winter Gardens

Info for Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable

For Information about the Ashford, Folkestone, and Romney Marsh branch call Annie Hogginbottom on 01233 502519

For information about Branch meetings and the Deal, Dover and Sandwich Branch call Jim Green on 01304 202453.


Johnny Painting the Ross in 1984!

Picture on the left taken on the Ross in Summer 1985.

Below left on the Ross Easter 2009, bottom middle the Folkestone Raft Race in 2007 and bottom right in Dublin in 2007.

On The Ross May 2008
Inside the site you'll find more pictures of the 2006 and 2007 Folkestone Raft race I took part in, and also photos of a return trip to Dublin.
relaxing with a good book and glass of Port
If you have anything you would like to ad to this site fell free to get intouch, you might have a memories of a visit to the Ships if so let me know about it please do pop back, I'll be update each week, normally on Fridays. Please let me know if you have details of events etc. Tell me

On Sunday September 10th 2006 about 500 of us set off on a 5K fun run raising money for the local Hospice in East Kent.

Runners age's ranged from 2 to 80 ish, it was a really fun day and so far we've raised over £20,000 since the run started 4 years ago. Now pictures of the 2007 run as well. The 2007 run took place on Saturday 14th July, once again it was a very large field of runnners, all raising cash for the Pilgrims Hospice.

Well done to all .

Here's a few photo's of the run.

At the end of the 2005 fun run in Margate
On the home run in. Thanet 5K 2007 All done for another year, but my time was better than 2006, 2007 time was 27:18
Big Wave right at the end of the run in 2005. Shower, then a pint!
Having a rest thinking about my new chalange
2006 at the Start Johnny just about to finnish
You'll find some more pictures of the 2006 fun run on Friends page 2

Got a New Challenge now, if you fancy doing this please get in touch

On Sunday 15th October 2006, The British Heart Foundations first Viking Cycle took place. A 32 mile sponsored bike ride along the Viking Coastal Trail of North East Kent. There were 3 start locations, Pegwell Bay, Joss Bay Broadstairs and Reculver. Log onto kmfm's Johnny Lewis starting the Pegwell Bay leg then joined the riders to Joss Bay. Over 300 riders took part raising over £13.000. The 2007 ride took place on Sunday 7th October, and we have raised around £18, 000. The 2008 ride raised almost 25K. In 2009 its been close to £30K being raised

Picture of the Thanet 5K fun run in July 2007. More info log onto Thanet Roadrunners
If it's news about Kent you are looking for try Kent On Line
Finally, have a look at the Friends page's you'll find photos and stories (all nice ones) of some of the people I've worked with over the years. Never know you might be on one of the pages. I rescue pet rats, never thought i would do that, but they are so cuddly and friendly. For more info about pet rats log onto This site
Little friend
Little friend having some food
Little Snowey
Over the years I've had a number of pets mostly little rats, some I've rescued others I've had from little kittens, whatever you think, they are very clean and friendly little animals and love company. More photos and text on Friends
Friends in Holland
Bob Mower (Matthews) on the dog
Tom Hardy and myself Dublin 1982, Sunshine Radio Fun Day
Did some more fund raising for the Margate and Ramsgate lifeboats on Wednesday 18th April 2007, this time it all went well, thank goodness. Here's the story from the KM Extra newspaper
Courage and a desire to support the RNLI overcame fear of heights for intrepid kmfm presenter Johnny Lewis and head teacher Tony Hamson from Hereson School for Boys at Broadstairs.

They both rose to the challenge - and the top of the 50ft tower - before stepping backwards over the edge into thin air to abseil to the ground.

The dynamic duo were set the task by students at the school, who helped by raising hundreds of pounds in sponsorship for the charity.

Johnny said: "It was pretty daunting. The waiting to go over was the worst. Both Tony and I chatted and joked with rather nervous laughter when we were on the roof. Tony went first - and he was so brave because he suffers from vertigo.

"Then I went. Stepping out and letting go is a real leap of faith but once you know everything is OK, the feeling is fabulous. It is like floating in air. I loved it and will definitely do it again - I have to, the boys have challenged me to go down face first next time!

"A big thank you goes to everyone who has supported our charity abseil, listeners, students and their families, and my colleagues and friends."

* Johnny will be abseiling over the cliffs at Cliftonville in May to help raise awareness of the dangers of walking in restricted areas near cliff edges.

Almost ready
Tony, Angy and me getting ready
on my way down
Tony, Angy and Myself at the Ready on the roof
Look out below i'm on my way down!
Sue Ryder Make a diffrence day 2007, i'm in the middle!
Make a difference day 2007
Tony and Johnny
Above October 2007 I took part in 'Make a Difference day's day to help people understand what charity's do. I went and helped out at the Sue Ryder shop in Cheriton, Nr Folkestone.

Tony and i, top left, now have a new challange.

CHARITY champions kmfm presenter Johnny Lewis and Broadstairs head teacher Tony Hamson from The Hereson School will be cooking up fun and fundraising in their latest challenge.The pair - who abseiled down the school tower for the RNLI earlier thisyear - had their latest escapade in aid of Breast Cancer Research revealed on air in Johnny's breakfast show.They will each run a coffee shop in Broadstairs town centre for an afternoon in a competition based around the popular television series The Apprentice. Johnny will be host at The Cats Whiskers while Tony will be in charge of Cafe Bello.
Tasks facing them include sandwich making, creating the fastest cappucino,
attracting most people to their cafe using whatever means, raising most
money for the charity, plus special tasks to be set by Ciaron Doyle from
Hereson school and by kmfm listeners.

The apprentice with the most points is the winner.
Johnny said: "This is a different challenge to the last but just as
difficult in its own way. It should be great fun. I am looking forward to it."
Tony added: "Breast Cancer Research is an excellent charity and we will do our best to raise a decent sum for their important work."

Each year at Christmas the shops of Broadstairs and St Peters in Kent have a Christmas best decorated window competition and it's my job to judge it. There is always a good number of shops taking part.Well done to all who took part it was a hard task for me to pick a winner. I'm presenting the trophy here to the 2007 and 2009 winners. Well done to Church Street Florists in St Peters, and Janice Seed and her staff.
Janice Fron Church Street  Florist
All the Gang
That's your lot for now on this page, please do pop back, I'll be update each week, normally on Monday. Please let me know if you have details of events etc. Tell me what you think of the site.